Before any construction work begins, builders must ensure that an adequate number of general safety signs, depending on the size and complexity of the job

as per the worksafe checklist


Have you provided the right amenities for the workers?
Workers need clean and hygienic portable sheds or other suitably protected areas where they can change and store clothing, eat meals and take shelter from bad weather. Provide lunch rooms with heaters and airconditioning (or other effective cooling fans), a refrigerator and a microwave oven or pie warmer. Provide a ready supply of cool, clean drinking water. Make sure workers have easy access to clean and well maintained toilets and washing facilities.
Are your first aid and emergency systems in place?
Have a sufficient number of qualified first aiders for the size of the job. Always have a first aider on site whenever work is occurring. Keep a well maintained first aid kit in a suitable location. Place a prominent Notice near your telephone which lists all the necessary emergency phone numbers, including ambulance, police, fire service, doctor, Poisons Information Centre (131 126). Make sure you have an emergency evacuation procedure and make sure all workers understand what they must do in the event of an accident or emergency. Prepare and post up clear directions to guide emergency services to your site.

Have you posted the right signs and notices?
If a construction project is valued at $350,000 or more, regulation 5.1.15 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007 requires the principal contractor at the building site to display a sign at the site with their name and contact telephone numbers. The sign must be clearly visible from outside the site.
This requirement does not apply if the principal contractor’s name and contact telephone numbers are already displayed at the site in accordance with regulation 317 of the Building Regulations 2006.Regulation 317 requires the person in charge of building work to display a sign at the building site, which contains the registration number and contact details of the builder and building surveyor, and the building permit number and issue date.
You should also have a prominent sign at the gate advising all visitors to report to the site office. Put up signs depicting the necessary types of personal protective equipment (such as safety helmets, hearing protection, safety glasses, breathing masks and safety footwear). In an area which is commonly used by the workers, put up the WorkSafe Victoria If You are Injured poster provided by your WorkSafe insurer, post a list of first aiders and workers’ health and safety representatives, post up your OHS issue resolution procedure (if you have one) and proudly display your company’s workplace health and safety policy, environmental policy and injury management policy.

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