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With modern businesses vying for even the slightest attention from customers, marketing techniques have seen a rapid transformation over the years. However one technique that has stood the test of time is Hoarding Signage. These ubiquitous signs have for long helped businesses promote their products or services in the best way possible. Whether it is drawing the attention of people for a new development in your brand, the opening of a new store or a new digital update, that is a fact.

Once you have managed to build the hype and create a certain sense of excitement about what’s to come with the help of this, it is all smooth sailing from that point onwards. This is not to say that there is no real extra work involved, but this kind of signage plays a key role in getting the ball rolling for the introduction of new aspects into the fold of your service.


Hoarding Signage

Hoarding Signage Experts in Sydney, Australia

Having established that the popularity level of Hoarding Signage is still very much alive and yet to plummet, finding a renowned signage expert in Melbourne and Australia will require you to do more than the average level of research on your part. With our experience in the field, our team will be poised to introduce you to the Hoarding Signage Experts in Sydney, Australia that you have always been looking for.

We focus on a thorough end-to-end solution right from the site survey to final installation with everything else in between. Apart from making sure that you get the best design and print, our experts will sit with you for however long is necessary to get the best hoarding signage for your project considering the time frame, location and budget.

Hoarding signs play a key role in contributing to any successful development – This offers companies an opportunity to promote their brand, attract the public’s attention and draw interest to an exciting new development project.

Why Choose Us:

World Advertising calls on 45 years of design, manufacture and installation experience to assist with your hoarding signage requirements.

Utilising State of the Art in-house manufacturing facilities we produce top quality designs and hoarding signage which are long lasting.

Employing a large number of extremely competent installation systems, we also supply and operate all of the plant and equipment required to undertake any signage installation requirement. By offering our clients these complete packages and bringing together all of our experience from the various sectors we service (Construction, Retail, Mining, Government and Events) World Advertising always put forward a professional, quality driven and comprehensive solution.

6 Months ago

Great team to work with and well priced. We engaged in world advertising for some signage. The team was professional and prompt thanks, guys. They delivered a great project within time. Highly recommend them!!

2 Years ago

Extremely polite, professional and reputable!
HIGHLY recommend for ALL major signage for Company’s of any size!

Matty M
Melbourne Fight Nights
8 month ago

Great team to work with and well priced. We engaged world advertising for some signage. The team was professional and prompt thanks guys.

Brigette O’Callaghan
4 Years ago

Very professional and delivered beyond my expectation for my project, would high recommend.

SEO, Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency Melbourne
3 Years ago

Easy to work with and delivered a great product. Thank you!

Radial Life
8 months ago
Always happy to help and work through the detail.
Mike F


Ever come across a large and magnificent out-of-home (OOH) advertisement on a construction or scaffolding project? Well, what you saw is a hoarding. Companies use hoardings as a form of advertisement when opening a new store or adding new development to the brand. Hoardings create the hype and the much-needed excitement for your brand. World Advertising has years of experience creating large, eye-catching hoardings for reputed brands.
Many times hoardings and billboards are used interchangeably because both are large in size and work as OOH media advertisements to attract a mass audience. But, there is a slight difference, and it is the placement. Billboards are placed high on roads so that drivers and pedestrians can see them, while hoardings are mainly large boards erected around a construction site, scaffolding project, or sports venue. World Advertising has experience in creating a range of hoardings for different businesses.
As hoardings are an outdoor mode of advertisement, they require a material that does not wear out easily. Most companies use steel or aluminium hoardings in manufacturing, while there are others who use Dibond or Alupanel. It is a stock sheet material that offers a lot of advantages. This type of material is lightweight, rigid and can withstand extreme weather conditions. At World Advertising, we use quality materials as per the highest Australian standards.
Well, it depends upon the size, type, quality, design, material and many other factors you have selected for your hoarding. A small hoarding will require less work and will take less time. If you wish for a large-size hoarding, it may take a few days. Our professionals at World Advertising work tirelessly to create your uniquely-designed hoardings on time. We aim to deliver your project before the installation time. Speak with our experts today!
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